Portable Power Stations & Portable Energy Station

What should you do if no power for outdoor camping or power failure at home?

PBS (BP500) Portable Power Stations will take away your worries.

students need the best portable power stations

Celina, a 22 year old college Student

Next week, I'm going on a road trip to Texas with Eric.

What should we do if there is no electricity ?

If there is any solution?

Layer need the best portable power stations

Frank, a 32 year old Lawyer

My family and I plan to go camping in the forest at the end of April.

What if the mini-fridge doesn’t have power ?

Do you have any suggestion?

Engineer need the best portable power stations

Henry, a 45 year old Engineer

I’m going to work in the suburbs next month.

But the electricity isn’t convenient there.

What should I carry?

When they come across the PBS battery solution, the power problem solved perfectly!

all of you need the best portable power stations

Whatever you are going on a road trip to Texas with BF!

Whatever you are going outdoor camping in the forest!

Whatever you are going to work in the suburbs!

You need a Portable Power Station seriously!

Now! Let us unravel the mystery of BP500 - Portable Power Station!

portable power stations charging your computer, iPhone & iPad

When you see this portable power station, PBS ( BP500 ), you will be attracted by its beautiful and fashionable appearance.

The top and bottom of BP500 is classic black. The body is vibrant orange and fresh green (2 colors are optional). Namely continues the classic, also dares to innovate.

Let you feel comfortable and relaxed by its ergonomic handle in your hands. As attractive as a lady carrying the latest Chanel bag.

New Innovation of  Portable Power Stations!

New Innovation of Portable Power Stations!

It is small in size, only 24*16*20.3cm. Smaller than a piece of A4 paper. It weighs only 5.2 kilograms, just a little more than a newborn baby.

The BP500 - Portable Power Station has two LED lights, which can bring you light and warmth when you are working outdoors, camping, or wherever you need lighting.

There’re two cooling holes on the front and a ventilation on the back. When working , BP500 - Portable Power Station will not make noise, quiet and powerful accompany you. As a mother gives her child gentle but strong love.

BP500 - Portable Power Stations Technical Specification

Portable Power Stations Technical Specification

More Features

  • Recharged by car
  • Recharged by wall socket
  • Recharged by optional solar panels
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Size - Smaller than a piece of A4 paper
  • Weight - just a little more than a newborn baby
  • Portable Power Stations introduction

    FQA - about the BP500 Portable Power Stations.

  • 1. What can be powered by this Portable Power Stations - DC?
  • 1* 12V 10A: Cigar lighter, Car refrigerator or other car devices
  • 2* DC 6mm ports(12V 3.0A): laptops, LED bulb, etc
  • 4* USB ports(2×5V 2.0A;2×5V 3.0A): charge phones, tablets, Mp3 & Mp4, Pads, digital cameras, bluetooth devices,etc
  • 2* TYPE-C :USB TP3.1

  • 2. What can be powered by this Portable Power Stations - AC?
  • 2* AC Outlets
  • Output Voltage:100V/110V/120VAC ±3% & 220V/230V/240VAC ±3%
  • Output Rated Power:300W
  • Max Output Power:600W

  • 3. How to charge this Portable Power Stations - DC?
  • Charge by Adaptor from Home Outlet: Wall charger(80W):6.5 Hrs
  • Charge by Solar during outdoor: 13V-36V / solar panel(100W): 5 Hrs / Charging Mode: MPPT
  • Charge by Car on the road: Charge from 12V car cigarette port when you are on the road - Car Charger(48W): 8.5 Hrs

  • 4. What can this Portable Power Stations be used for?
  • CPAP
  • CrocK-pot
  • Inflator Pump
  • Outdoor Lights
  • Computer or UAV
  • Emergency Rescue
  • Small TVs Coffee Maker
  • Tablet & Cell Phone Chargers
  • ...
  • A plug-and-play, silent and convenient portable power station for travel, camping, or wherever you need power.

    Portable Energy Stations help you with battery solution

    potable power station at night

    Imagine camping, hiking, outdoor party, or driving with friends and family. Mobile phones can be recharged by a power bank. But what about other electronic devices, such as drones and mini-fridges?

    Again, if you are an outdoor worker, you are more in need of a device that can provide you with electricity at any time.

    In addition, your home should also have a large capacity, lightweight, space-saving portable power source ready in case of need.

    Patients with sleep apnea, in particular, must use a ventilator while sleeping. If there is no electricity, danger can happen at any time.

    potable power station approx charging time

    There are 2 AC outputs and 9 DC outputs on the BP500 , which can :

  • Provide TV 3+ hours of power
  • Offer mobile phone 43+ charges
  • Offer GoPro 100+ charging times
  • Offer a digital camera 35+ charges
  • Provide a laptop 3-6 hours of power
  • Provide 12V bulb 100+ hours of power
  • Provide mini refrigerator 9+ hours of power
  • Except above usage, BP500 potable power station also provides Emergency Rescue, CPAP, Computer or UAV, Tablet & power bank, Small TVs, Coffee Maker, crock-pot , Inflator Pump, Outdoor Lights. One BP500, many USES

    Take it when you go out for an outing. It won't take up much space because of its light weight. Just put it in your car or RV. Spend quality time with friends and family. Drink iced drinks, watch an outdoor movie, and record the unforgettable time with the camera.

    Bring it with you when you work outdoors. Turn on the LED light to illuminate every day.

    Home power failure, it can also let you no longer feel afraid, silently in the side to protect you.

    What's more, for those patients who have to use the ventilator or other medical equipment, they can also have a good sleep.

    china rechargeable battery factory & vendor

    South Korean Samsung SDI 18650 Lithium Ion Cell

    BP500 potable power station working temperature is 20 ° - + 60 °, can be used for a variety of occasions. Selected Original South Korean Samsung SDI 18650 Lithium Ion Battery Cell. Built-in high precision BMS, protect BP500 from over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit.

    2 years warranty period, waterproof grade can reach IP32, in line with ETL, FCC, RoHs, UN38.3 and other test requirements.

    Multiple charging methods, car charging, solar panel charging, wall-socket charging.

    You're not along with PBS portable power stations

    BP500 - Potable Power Stations will subvert your cognition, meet the needs of practical use, but also let us sigh the power of scientific and technological progress.

    Life is long and short. Please allow BP500 - Potable Power Stations to accompany you every day.

    china rechargeable battery factory & vendor

    At present, our company supports overseas agency, distribution, wholesale and other ways of cooperation. If you are a car or real estate operator, you can also purchase as a gift to your customers.

    If you are not clear about above information, just contact us by sales@battery-solution.com PBS will evaluate and provide you best battery solution.